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VALT Fitness: Unlock Your Potential

The 5th Street Marina began self-managing the on-site fitness facility in July of 2019.  The 5,000 sft facility includes treadmills, an open training room, cable machines, plate machines, and four Olympic Weightlifting platforms. The facility is free for captains and crew that stay at the 5th Street Marina but also has about a 100 members from the community that enjoy using gym.

Since Covid hit the US in 2020, the gym has operated as an open air facility. There are four large garage doors that remain open during operating hours and 4 rooftop fans that keep the building ventilated.  

Renamed in 2022 to VALT Fitness as part of a sponsorship, the “U” is intentionally missing, as it resides within you.  Our purpose is to “Unlock Your Potential”.   

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