Aerial of the renovated Norseman Boatyard

The Norseman Boatyard Renovation project was completed in 2023.  This project created 24,500 sft of new upland space for the staging of vessels for marine work.  The seawalls were raised to 6′-4″ above mean high water for hardening against storms and sea-level rise.  The entire yard now has a closed storm drainage system to retain runoff and capture contaminants.  Power pedestals were added at every berth that include both single phase and three phase power. A new travel lift berth was installed allowing the hauling of vessels up to 115 LFT. 

Norseman will be obtaining delivery of a new 150 ton travel lift in December.  

This project was a completed by the 5th Street Marina in partnership with Norseman Shipbuilding.