New 100LFT of Seawall & Dock Break Ground

A long planned improvement has finally broken ground.  A new 100 LFT long bulkhead with a 5 ft dock in front of it on the far eastern end of the 5th Street Marina is now under construction. 

Marine permitting on the Miami River requires approvals from the Army Corp, the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Miami-Dade’s Resources and Environmental Management, and the City of Miami.  This process can take years to complete. 

The bulkhead will be up at 6′-7″ above sea level, well above king tides and conservative for sea level rise.  The dock will be at 5′-0 above sea level.  This will give the marina a lower dock, easier to get on and off of from smaller vessels, maintenance rafts, kayaks,  SUP’s, etc. 

Eventually, upland of the dock will be the home for a new casual seafood restaurant.  This project is nearing the final stages of design.