Fernando and Horacio Reis

Most everyone who is either docked at the 5th Street Marina or works out at Ferrino Sports has met the Reis brothers.  Their energy and positivity everyday is just warming to be around.  Many however may not know that they are getting ready for the biggest challenge of their lives! 

Fernando Reis, currently ranked number three (3) in the world in Olympic Weightlifting, is preparing to defend his Pan Am Games championship next month, July 31, in Peru.  His coach and older brother Horacio is training him for the competition.  Following the Pan Am Games is the World Weightlifting Championships in Thailand, September 27th.  Then, the big one, the Olympics in Tokyo, July 2020! It is Fernando’s life long pursuit to bring back a medal from the Olympics. 

Fernando got involved in weightlifting when he was 10 years old.  First it was his dad,  teaching him about Olympic weightlifting.  Then, he began to follow his brother as Horacio competed internationally.  An injury to Horacio’s femur ended his career early. Horacio says “All of Life is about transitions.”.  He soon began training his younger brother Fernando.  When Fernando obtained a medal at the 2010 Sofia (Bulgaria) Junior World Championships, they knew they were onto something.

As they prepare for the Olympics,  they both enjoy taking time to share their passion for weight lifting with others.  ” There is a big stigma with Olympic weight lifting, the average person is afraid that they will get hurt. However, when you learn the proper form and techniques, injuries almost never happen and the work out is very inspirational for most people.” says Fernando. 

Fernando and Horacio train six days a week as F. Reis Weight Lifting and operate at Ferrino Sports.  If you would like to learn more about Olympic weightlifting and possibly join their class, press on the button below