Busy Start to Spring

Spring has so far been very busy at the 5th Street Marina.  New super yachts, charters, festivals, all in the last week.

Ferrino Sports Bootcamp 3To begin with,  our pre-River Day Festival with Ferrino Sports was a blast. We started with a fitness bootcamp by Ferrino Sports.  The trainers setup a challenging course of 30 different stations that started out on the docks and filtered through the gym.   A DJ was there spinning and keeping it lively.  The Ferrino Sports trainers were there guiding everyone along.

Ferrino Sports Bootcamp Taking Place

Then, really fun, the team from Nago Academy Miami came out and did a Capoeira demonstration, a brazilian form that blends dance; martial arts, and acrobatics.  Some of the instructors and class members got in there too.



After the class we all sat out on the dock and watched the River Rally, a race of SUPs, kayaks, basically anything that floats without an engine.  Special thanks to Mr. Salinas for providing tours of his Cutter ship.

RiverDay Bootcamp at Ferrino Sports











Speaking of which, the Cutter has been busy all week getting prepared to go on a science charter.  Finn, a familiar face here at the Marina returned to join the crew as engineer.  They had some hurdles getting ready for the voyage, but all got done and they were off right on time.

Captain Yohan

Cutter Bainbridge







When they spun the ship around, they drew quite a crowd in front of Garcia’s Restaurant,

The week ended with a new super yacht coming to the marina.  We also heard good news that our friends at the South Beach Lady have finally found a permanent dock to operate from in Hollywood.  This is bad news for us as they will be leaving us,  they have been at the Marina for 3 years now and have become part of the family here.  However, it was hard for them to operate competitively berthed at the Marina and then have to pay for a transient dock to pickup the passengers.  We wish them luck in their new location.

New Yacht April 16'


South Beach Lady Leaving